City of Peoria Budget Challenge

City of Peoria

2020 Budget Challenge

Each year the City Council makes spending decisions on critical services like public safety, infrastructure, and the quality of life in Peoria's neighborhoods. They also determine how to pay for it. The City is required to balance its budget annually, and the City Council has made a number of tough decisions in order to live within our means. 

Since 2014, the City population has declined and revenues have as well.  To balance the budget, the City has reduced services, trimmed the workforce, and raised new revenues.  

The current challenge before the City Council is a $2.0 million budget deficit for 2020.

This Budget Challenge is designed to put you in the seat of the City Council. Difficult budget choices remain, including expense and revenue choices that will impact us over the long-term. 

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Where do theses policy options come from?

Budget projections are from the City's Finance Department. Policy options come from the City Manager's Office.These estimates are simplified calculations, based on the most current data available and are subject to change.

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Do you have an idea about how the City should tackle the budget deficit? Would you like to be more involved in the planning process? Click on the "Take Action" button, available throughout the survey, to contact the City of Peoria.